November 2023

The idea for WaveUI was conceived during a casual conversation among a group of experienced professionals, including a certified translator, an IT consultant, and a lawyer. They realized that they all faced similar challenges with managing administrative tasks, which often took time away from focusing on their core work.


December 2023

Recognizing the need for a solution that could streamline administrative tasks and improve productivity, the founders began developing the concept for WaveUI. The goal was to create a tool that could automate workflows, reduce administrative burdens, and enhance productivity for professionals across various fields. The initial planning phase included gathering insights from other professionals to understand their pain points and requirements.


January 2024

With a clear vision in mind, the founders assembled a team of experts in software development, user experience design, and professional services. Together, they began working on the first prototype of WaveUI, focusing on creating a user-friendly interface that could be easily adopted by non-tech-savvy professionals


May 2024 - Present

The initial prototype of WaveUI was completed. The team is conducting extensive testing and gathering feedback from a small group of beta users, including translators, immigration consultants, and lawyers